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Who we are?


A high technology software company for cloud solutions

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We develop No/Low Code cloud solutions for:

No/Low-Code Business App Framework
No/Low-Code Data Management & Data Integration Framework
No/Low-Code Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Framework

Out systems are running in an 100% cloud environment

Our USPs

We offer a technical digitization platform for all business processes
We have standard templates for building new business apps quickly and very easy
We also offer standard libraries for business and workflow logics
We give ERP software manufacturers and their partner markets extended and optimized business models
We make digitization independent of technical software developers
We can digitize the processes of industry, government, bank and insurance companies
ALL IN ONE: We provide all functions for a no code business development framework included data management. We do not use 3rd party solutions

Use cases of GA_universe

With GA_universe you can digitize your environment in the company on the basis of low/no code.
Optimize and expand your digital processes with our framework.
The digitization platform from GA_ can be used in the following use cases:


Internal marketplace for
innovation and toolboxes


Applications Lifecycle

Introducing Citizen
Development at the customer

Big Data Analytics

Customization of
standard software

Gradual unification /
Modernization of IT architectures

Apps und Mikroprozesse

Own apps for

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Internal integration platform
for near/offshoring collaboration

Dashboards und KPIs

A own
Business Intelligence Engine


Enablement platform for
customer switch to the cloud

The GA_ digitalization platform

We lead customers into a digital future

The GA_ digitization platform consists of the following three individual platforms:
Integration Platform, App Building Platform and Cloud Migrations Platform
With GA_universe you integrate your data into the cloud, create a wide variety of apps for
your processes and then make them available.


Integration Platform

Integrate data structures
  • Customers migrate data into the cloud
  • They integrate multi-cloud landscapes
  • They integrate legacy and cloud applications
  • They learn the benefit of full integration

App Building Platform

Build custom functionality
  • Build custom functionality for existing apps
  • Build integrated micro apps or complex apps
  • Less sophisticated dev resources are required
  • Customer can use analytics capabilities

Cloud Migration Platform

A full toolset provided by the cloud
  • Build, deploy and invoice via cloud market
  • Enable customers to have their own markets
  • Become the digital enabler of your customers
  • Build, integrate, analyze

Our Modular Platform

The digitization platform GA_universe consists of many individual modules that mesh like gears and thus achieve the optimal result for your business processes. Our modules are based on the latest technology and thus lead your company into a digital future.
In-Memory Datenbank
In-Memory Object Database
Dashboards und KPIs
Reporting & Dashboarding
Applications Lifecycle
Middleware - Data Integration & -Management
Komplexe Applikationen
Low-/No-Code App Builder
Marketplace & Billing