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For your own applications needs

GA_appbuilder puts you in the middle of the global citizen development trend, which allows business users without significiant development or IT knowledge to develop and deploy their own apps and business logic.

Citizen Development

Business users can finally develop and deploy powerful apps for the daily administration and communication needs in their own departments. This enables the ultimate enterprise digitization.

Professional Development

Alternatively, customers can utilize professional development resources to develop more complex apps initially, in order to then take over the daily administration and further finetuning internally.

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Applikationen ohne Programmierkenntnisse bauen

Mit dem GA_appbuilder können Anwender ohne Programmierkenntnisse anhand vorgefertigter Softwarebausteine vereinfacht Applikationen bauen und editieren. 


Dem Appbuilder sind dabei keine Grenzen gesetzt: von der Login-Funktion bis hin zum Checkout bei der Bezahlung, kann alles mit dem GA_appbuilder gebaut werden.

Digitize your processes

GA_appbuilder for a fast implementation of digital micro processes or complex apps

Your benefits:
Full-stack visual development

With our app builder (WYSIWYG editor) you can see and test any changes in run-time. Numerous controls and layouts are at your disposal.

Architecture that scales

Our architecture is fully Kubernetes based and thus scales effortlessly with your increasing demands.

Mobile made easy

The whole framework is a progressive web app and thus is compatible with any operating system. Offline synchronization included.

Powerful low-code tools

Besides our formula editor, the app builder provides the tools to design and edit user interfaces as well as business and UI logic.

Collaborative development

The framework allows for collaborative work in a context sensitive chat, as well as parallel work on the same document or page.

Deep user management

We cater towards deep role-based user needs via an internal user administration or external providers (Facebook, Google+, ...).