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For central data management

GA_middleware enables our customers to approach their digital transformation in a flexible manner, by integrating their various different systems.
Our standard functionality

Data base connectors, central data modelling and integration functionality

Our extended functionality

Master data management, advanced database connectors, in-memory database

What is GA_middleware?

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Digital transformation starts with data

GA_middleware is your central tool for system and process integration and analysis

Gain time and speed via low-code integration

Unify and organize your data, systems and web services without writing a single line of code.

Unify your data structures via various connectors

Utilize our pre-built connectors to numerous standard systems, or build your own.

Act based on valid data

Create apps in no time and at the same time integrate data structures across your source systems.

Data science built-in

Use built in data science modules or connect external machine learning services.

External connectivity

Connect with our standard REST Service or create your own REST end points incl logic.

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