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Why GA?

Our competence and experience

We are a start-up – 15 years in the making.

The GA_universe plattform is based on latest technology, yet already proven in more than 15 years and hundreds of projects.

Why GA
Business Intelligence

It all began as a provider of business intelligence and reporting software with self-service approach (GA_analytics)

Data integration, -modelling and -transformation

In countless projects we integrated the most diversified customer system landscapes and data structures (GA_middleware)

Why GA
Why GA
Low-/no-code development

We detected the massive benefits of this emerging trend early and invested in building out our own development framework (GA_appbuilder)

Cloud-based marketplace and deployment

We support cloud-based or on-premise integration and deployment scenarios via GA_marketplace

Why GA
Why GA
Modern integration and development platform for all SMEs globally
Customers can use GA_universe as foundation for the full digitzation of their enterprise and move on this path step by step – fast results guaranteed
What differentiates us?

We offer modern technology based on years of proven delivery

Digitization of SMEs

GA_universe provides all tools needed to allow SMEs globally a path towards full digitization

Megatrend low-/no-code

GA_universe followst he modern and globally booming trend of „low-/no-code“

All-in-one platform including analysis

GA_universe delivers data and system integration, complex analyses and standard and custom app development

Easy and scalable deployment

The platform can be provided in a fully managed cloud scenario. Customer can focus on their core business