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The Low-code Movement

Faster results. Lower cost. Full integration.

The global low-/no-code trend offers companies the ultimate platform on their path towards digitizing their environment. Digital processes can be realized faster than ever and actual business users are enabled to further develop needed functionality in an agile manner. Furthermore, mature existing apps can be integrated easily and provided to users around the globe in a matter of a few clicks.
Low Code
Simple integration

Comfortable integration of existing and new apps and analysis tools

Low Code
Fast development

New functionality can be developed by actual users, raising user acceptance

Low Code
Lower IT overhead
Apps are provided to users with much less needs for IT involvement

What is Low-/No-Code ?

Low-/No-code is a more efficient form of software programming. Thanks to visual software modules, users can edit software using the modular principle, even without programming knowledge.

Why a low-/no-code platform?

Because these platforms solve so many of the issues that make digital transofrmation with conventional means difficult, complex and expensive
Standard apps

Standard apps ready without much customization


Integrated customization capabilities for business users or development professionals


Far reaching process and data integration across countless applications

One step at a time

Agile projects with quick return of investment


Convenient publishing of apps towards all users

Save cost

Lower your cost in non-core busines areas like IT

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Percentage of low-code in global software development in 2024 (Gartner)
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Achieved at Ricoh by replacing existing systems with low-code solutions
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Time required for thinkmoney to develop a modern mobile digital banking
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Apps Schneider Electric developed in 20 months, mostly in less than 10 weeks