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Introduction to GA_Universe

GA_Universe is the first Saudi low/no code development platform. GA_Universe can be used to create and develop business applications for different purposes, such as internal tools, reporting and analytics, applications integration, and many more.  

What is no code? 

No code is designing logic for an application without the use of any actual programming code. It utilizes drag and drop components to implement the UI and functionality. It can be implemented in a variety of ways to serve different purposes depending on the functionality desired. Its benefits range from a learning tool for beginners all the way to accelerating the development for experts.  

What is low code? 

Low code is designing logic for an application but with the use of low amounts of programming code. This is like no code but is more advanced in concept. Using low code, some problems could be solved faster than just using no code and using traditional coding. Low code also provides more flexibility when dealing with business problems. 

What is the difference between no/low code and traditional coding? 

  • No code/low code platforms are designed to be faster, easier, and more efficient for building applications for beginners and senior programmers. 
  • Lower learning curve for no code. 
  • No code is more rapid in terms of development. 
  • No code applications are easier to scale. 
  • No code is more agile and adaptable to change than traditional code applications. 

Benefits of using no code 

  • Lower cost 
    • No code applications don’t need as many experience programmers and so, the cost of development can be much lower. 
    • Lower number of developers. 
    • Lower development time. 
  • Agile 
    • Adaptable to change. 
    • Reusable components and templates. 
    • Changing uniform components is easier and can be applied throughout the instance. 
  • Digitalization 
    • Digitalization is the process of digitalizing traditional processes and tasks into a digital format.  

Features of GA_Universe 

  • Reporting and analytics 
  • Low code scripting in Typescript 
  • No code development using drag and drop components 
  • Various integration capabilities 
  • Support for various databases 
    • Learn more about the list of supported databases here.