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Group 30 (1)

GA for Students and Developers: Unleashing Digital Creativity

Join a Community of Innovators: Students and Developers Welcome!

Welcome, Saudi Developers, to the Future of Digital Creation!

Ever imagined building your own app or digital platform without diving deep into complex coding? With GA_Universe, that dream is closer than you think. Tailored for the bright minds of Saudi Arabia, our state-of-the-art low/no code development platform transforms your innovative ideas into reality through a simple drag-and-drop experience. Whether you're a tech-savvy student or just beginning your digital exploration, GA_Universe is your gateway to endless possibilities. Dive in and let your creativity shine. Saudi students, your universe of innovation awaits.

GA_Universe in 100 Seconds!

Use Case Examples

Products Showcase Platform

A dynamic platform for displaying products with images and details.

MongoDB integration, Excel import/export, visually engaging interface.

Ticketing System

A system for managing customer support tickets.

CRUD operations, reporting dashboards, user-friendly interface.

Movie Review Application

A platform for users to review and discuss movies.

CRUD for reviews, analytics dashboards, community features.

Pages and Navigation

Create navigations and their pages.


Personalize how your pages look using drag-and-drop elements and set up workflows to add functionality.


The logic and functionality of your application. Add workflow blocks to manipulate data, interact with users, and much more.


Create reports and dashboards to be used internally and externally through our reporting capabilities.

User Management

Manage users and roles of applications. Grant/Revoke access or permissions.

Additional Integration Capabilities

Use our agents or REST API endpoints to connect data and legacy systems to your application.

Living Examples!

In just 6 weeks, we embarked on an intensive training journey with 6 dedicated students, immersing them in the capabilities of our platform. These students, with diverse backgrounds and aspirations, were given the opportunity to work on real-life projects, spanning a broad spectrum of applications. Their hands-on experience with GA_Universe not only honed their skills but also showcased the versatility and potential of our tools in addressing real-world challenge.

Group 32

Ebrahim & Omar

Students at King Abdulaziz University

Created an equipment management system with automatic loaning based on equipment price.

Group 33-1

Layal & Alanood

Students at Effat University

Created career website for companies where applicants can apply for different jobs based on their skillset.

Group 32

Abdullah & Abdulaziz

Students at Jeddah International Collage

Created a Hospital Appointment system with admin privilege where patients can book appointments.

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