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Our History

The Evolution of Our Low-Code Platform

A Journey from Vision to Reality

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The Evolution of Our Low-Code Platform A Journey from Vision to Reality

Our journey began with a clear observation The transformative benefits that low-code platforms were bringing to businesses, both large and small. We recognized the immense potential these platforms held in enabling companies to craft integrated digital solutions in-house. But we also identified a gap. The ideal low-code platform would not only streamline development but also integrate seamlessly with Business Intelligence (BI) tools, providing businesses with a comprehensive suite of build, integrate, and analytical capabilities.

With this vision in mind We embarked on the development phase, collaborating with international partners to ensure a global perspective and expertise. The result was a robust and mature version 1.0 of our platform. To validate its efficacy and competitiveness, we partnered with a German company known for its rigorous standards. This collaboration allowed us to undertake proof of concepts with some of the major players in the DAX market(German Market Index). The success of these projects was a testament to our platform's capabilities.

Having made our mark internationally Our focus has now shifted closer to home, targeting implementations within Saudi Arabia. But our mission isn't just about businesses. We're passionate about nurturing the next generation of tech talent. We're reaching out to young Saudi software engineers, aiming to raise awareness about the power of low-code technology. Our goal is to equip these budding professionals with the tools and knowledge they need, ensuring that when they step into their first workplaces, they're not just participants but changemakers.This is our story, a blend of vision, collaboration, and dedication, all aimed at revolutionizing the digital landscape.