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Mr. Timothy Director GA-Universe participated in Open Source Summit 

In a recent panel discussion, Mr. Timothy Scheller, Director of GA_Universe, shared insights on the crucial role of Open Source concepts in shaping a robust Digital Economy. The discussion shed light on the Kingdom's commitment to driving Open Source utilization under the oversight of the Digital Government Authority (DGA), following a significant Cabinet Decision in 2021. 

Open Source initiatives have gained traction globally for their ability to engage and develop young developers, reduce reliance on foreign technologies, and provide greater customer independence compared to Closed Source software. Mr. Scheller emphasized how platforms like GA_Universe offer valuable opportunities for Saudi developers to contribute and thrive in this ecosystem. 

"GA_Universe can serve as a pivotal tool in building a strong local ecosystem, facilitating digital transformation efforts in Saudi Arabia," remarked Mr. Scheller during the discussion. 

The panel discussion highlighted the potential of Open Source to empower individuals and organizations, fostering innovation and collaboration. As the Kingdom continues to prioritize Open Source initiatives, GA_Universe stands ready to play a significant role in driving this momentum forward. 

Stay tuned for updates on GA_Universe's beta testing phase and official launch as it continues to pave the way for a digitally empowered future.