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The challenges were quite significant at the beginning of the project. Concepts were not yet available and it required persuasiveness to rethink existing process. In addition, there were numerous stake-holders and various company networks with different security structures.

Why GA?

The choice of the company for collaboration was based on a previous successful partnership in a preliminary project or another phase of the project. GA Offered a capsule solution that is self-contained but also replicable on other projects. The solution allowed for versatility and customization, especially concerting specific themes

Solution and benefits

Our capsule Solution proved to be highly innovative  not only self-contained but replicable for other construction projects. The collaboration was characterized by modular project management where simple tasks preceded complex ones.

The benefits of the completed projects are diverse: more efficient KPI reports, improved data collection and processing, as well as the consolidation of various data sources. The long-term impacts on ATH are impressive - streamlined processes, secured workflows, and a more efficient distribution of responsibilities. 

Group 41

Simplification and streamlining processes 

Group 41

Extracting data where it originates and processing it from there

Group 41

Connecting existing systems

Final product


A universe of use-cases at your disposal


We offer two workflow block categories in GA, client side workflow blocks for client side usages, and service side blocks for the more heavy usages.


Having your pre existent data in GA is an important feature that we offer, you can connect to a number of different data sources using our GA integration capabilities. 

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Using our reporting functionalities, you can analyze your data using several pre built graphs that can help you identify points that can be improved or enhanced for further productivity.