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The challenge was to create a central database even though the data came from four different financial systems, each with different connection methods.

In addition, the master data of all systems had to be harmonized so that uniform reporting for the entire group was possible.

Solution and benefits

To overcome this problem, our own middleware was used.

A middleware is a software component that mediates between different applications or systems and enables communications and data transfer between them.

In our case, the middleware enabled the integration of data from the various financial systems as well as from two dealer management systems and a work-force planning application that provided data via its own business app into a common database. In addition, all data in the middleware was harmonized.

Group 41

Simplified data integration

Group 41

Efficient data processing

Group 41

Cost and time savings

Final product

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A universe of use-cases at your disposal


We offer two workflow block categories in GA, client side workflow blocks for client side usages, and service side blocks for the more heavy usages.


Having your pre existent data in GA is an important feature that we offer, you can connect to a number of different data sources using our GA integration capabilities. 

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Using our reporting functionalities, you can analyze your data using several pre built graphs that can help you identify points that can be improved or enhanced for further productivity.