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Current challenges in the areas of data integration, individual development, process automation, reporting, and independence are effectively addressed by GA's Low-Code platform.

Use Cases

  • Data and system integration projects
  • In-house Apps for dedicated micro processes
  • Foundation for cloud strategies and multi-cloud scenarios
  • Centralization and simplification of IT landscapes
  • Integrated customization of standard software
  • Built-in reporting engine
  • And much more

Solution and benefits

The platform offers a variety of features, including a powerful reporting system, integration middleware, a low/no-code framework, and an application platform. This comprehensive solution allows you to address various use cases, including data and system integration projects, in-house apps for specific micro-processes, migration projects, centralization and simplification of IT landscapes, the foundation for cloud strategies and multi-cloud scenarios, integrated customization of standard software, built-in reporting system, internal or external marketplaces for innovations and tools, faster and integrated proof-of-concepts, as well as the integration of external or international teams.

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Reporting engine

Group 41

Middleware & Low-code framework

Group 41

Application Deployment

Final product

LHNID Cooking

A universe of use-cases at your disposal


We offer two workflow block categories in GA, client side workflow blocks for client side usages, and service side blocks for the more heavy usages.


Having your pre existent data in GA is an important feature that we offer, you can connect to a number of different data sources using our GA integration capabilities. 

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Using our reporting functionalities, you can analyze your data using several pre built graphs that can help you identify points that can be improved or enhanced for further productivity.