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Project Requirements

The goal was to develop a centrally usable software solution that consolidates and documents the current work process and existing know-how, making it accessible for both internal and external clients.


The MCG faced the challenge of sustainably and efficiently scaling its expertise and consulting competencies to services offering. The services were largely delivered manually using traditional work and communication tools. Each service are operated with its own methods, and documentation was almost exclusively done in office applications, with the final results then directly transmitted to clients. Communication in customer projects conduced through email and telephone


We are developing a cloud-based solution on the GA_Universe Application Development Framework, which consolidates the current work processes and existing knowledge, documenting them in a scalable software solution. An essential functional feature is also to facilitate access and usage of documents for MCG's clients, streaming-lining the the processes for creating and handling work orders. Additionally, the software allows the bundling and structuring of MCG's know-how, enabling a quick and organized selection of criteria to access relevant information in knowledge management.

Group 41

Sustainable securing and structuring of internal know-how

Group 41

Simplification of providing project content and services to clients

Group 41

Facilitation of selecting and compiling relevant information

Final product

MCG Cooking

A universe of use-cases at your disposal


We offer two workflow block categories in GA, client side workflow blocks for client side usages, and service side blocks for the more heavy usages.


Having your pre existent data in GA is an important feature that we offer, you can connect to a number of different data sources using our GA integration capabilities. 

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Using our reporting functionalities, you can analyze your data using several pre built graphs that can help you identify points that can be improved or enhanced for further productivity.