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What is GA_universe?

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GA_universe from GA.Digital

The integration platform for all of your digital applications



The central
platform for
data integration



The Low-/No-Code


The platform for
high-end dashboarding, KPI’s and reporting


The cloud-based platform for standard & custom applications


We integrate your data and systems on your path towards the digital enterprise

GA_middleware integrates your structured and non-structured data landscapes. It further allows you to integrate all existing applications with any new ones you implement.


Consequently, GA_middleware is your entry gateway towards digitizing your entire company in an agile manner, over time. First integrate data and systems, and then slowly build out digital processes.

250+ projects
Modern technology – proven in several hundreds of projects

100% integrative cloud technology
Integrate your entire data landscape in the cloud

15+ years of experience
Utilize our years of experience and know-how


The integrated Low-/No-Code development framework

Companies often needs custom extensions of their standard applications, or custom-built application altogether to cover their processes digitally. This is now possible without major software development know-how.

Lower IT cost
Design your digital transformation without having to build up significant software developement and IT resources

Faster results
Develop software functionality in blazing speed thanks to proven no-/low-code technology

Allow your business users to develop applications in an agile manner – independent from external companies


High-end dashboards, KPIs and reporting

For years, Business Inteligence systems provide executives of companies of any size with significant benefits when it comes to obtaining better insights for planning, decision making and analysis.

Decision making dashbaords
Guide your enterprise transparently and effectively

Standard reports for departmental units
Provide your middle management with the means it requires

Selfservice Business Intelligence
Enable your users to adjust and develop reporting structures independently

KPI’s for performance management
Build a holistic performance management system


Your platform for a comfortable deployment of your integrated applications

GA_marketplace helps you provide your users with cloud-based or on-premise applications.

Update your applications frequently and easily to ensure agile development progress

User management
Integrated user licensing and charging

Standard apps
Easy access to our integrated standard apps in the market place

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